Frequently Asked Questions

How is Raising A Reader different from other nonprofit literacy programs?
Raising A Reader’s award-winning program not only  circulates over 100 high quality children’s books into children’s homes through an average rotation cycle but helps children and families develop, practice, and maintain the habit of sharing those books (‘book cuddling’). Independent evaluations have repeatedly demonstrated that Raising A Reader’s unique program not only engages families, and builds kindergarten readiness skills, but is cost effective and scalable.  Children and families fall in love with reading together through Raising A Reader.

How is Raising A Reader evaluated?
Ten years of evidence shows that Raising A Reader works. Affiliates complete annual evaluations to measure program fidelity and family outcomes.  Kindergarten readiness studies have also been conducted through Head Start programs indicating that children who participated in Raising A Reader for 8 months scored twice as high as the national norms in book knowledge, story comprehension, book knowledge and print concepts.  Read more about Raising A Reader’s outcomes.

What makes Raising A Reader cost effective?
Raising A Reader’s results demonstrate a powerful return on investment.  At a time when funds can be limited it is critical to insure the establishment of high-quality early childhood programs with proven outcomes.

Raising A Reader’s training develops the capacity of both families and providers to create a language-rich environment for young children.  Materials are used year after year with an average ‘life’ of 5-7 years.  The program (materials and technical assistance) can be started for $100/child per year. With an average of 100 books into each child’s home per program rotation, the cost per book in the first year can be as low as $1.00.

How can I get Raising A Reader started?
Raising A Reader’s Office of Community Outreach is here to help. Please contact us for more information.