Book Sharing Tips

Overcoming Barriers to Family Book Sharing

The barriers that prevent parents from sharing books with young children are very real. Raising A Reader offers these practical suggestions to providers working with parents.

A Parent Might Share:
   ”If I read to my child he/she will learn bad habits from me.”

Reassure the parent that when a book is shared, it does not always mean that the book is read. It could also mean that they spend time looking at the pictures together and telling stories.  What is most important is the time parents spend with children and the skills that naturally develop.

A Parent Might Share:
   “My child is too young to learn to read. ”

Help parents understand that it does seem like children are too young to learn but important learning happens before the child enters kindergarten-learning necessary for the child to learn to read. Children need to be able to think about the world around them, understand and communicate ideas, and build trusting relationships.  Sharing books with children is a perfect (and fun!) way to build those important skills.

Excerpted from the Raising A Reader article “Book Sharing: Promoting early literacy, helping families overcome barriers” published in the Fall 2008 issue of Children and Families Magazine.

Book Sharing Tips for Parents are also available for educators to share with their parents.

Raising A Reader is a national nonprofit organization that helps families successfully build and sustain literacy routines in the home.