FOR THIS LABOR DAY WEEKEND, share this fun title with your child and their grandparent or special friend!

(2010, Pinata Books/Arte Publico Press) 

Grandma’s Chocolate/El Chocolate de Abuelita
 is appropriate for ages 5-8. 

In Grandma’s Chocolate/El Chocolate de Abuelita, Grandma comes to visit Sabrina all the way from Mexico. She and Sabrina open her suitcase full of surprises and explore the culture found within. They play dress up as a Mayan princess, make music with traditional instruments and most exciting for Sabrina, she learns all about the special chocolate from the Mayan and Aztec cultures. 

Practice this Comprehension Strategy–Compare and Contrast:

Grandma’s Chocolate/El Chocolate de Abuelita explores the Mayan and Aztec cultures. Sabrina’s Grandma shares stories and traditions of their culture. Compare the similarities and contrast the differences between their culture and your own. Are there princesses, special traditions, foods, instruments or songs that are unique to your culture? How are they similar to Sabrina’s? How are they different? 

Do this with your child:

When Sabrina’s Grandma visits in Grandma’s Chocolate/El Chocolate de Abuelita, she brings a suitcase full of goodies. Ask your child about what their grandparent’s have brought for them when they visit. Or, like Sabrina’s drawing for Grandma, does your child bring anything to give to their grandparents? For an extra project, have your child draw a picture for their grandparent or special friend and send it in the mail to them as a special surprise of their own.

You can find Grandma’s Chocolate/El Chocolate de Abuelita from the publisher Arte Publico/Pinata Books here.

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