March is upon us…which means, Spring will be here to greet us soon! Gear up for some sunny days, warmer weather, and new growth with our Spring themed title recommendations this month. 

FOR THE WEEKEND, share this fun title with your child! 

A Garden for a Groundhog is appropriate for children age 3-8.

A Garden for a Groundhog is a delightful story written and illustrated by Lorna Balian. Mr. and Mrs. O’Leary live on their small farm with their cat, goat, two chickens and a lamb. A groundhog lives there too. And, of course, the groundhog loves vegetables as much as the O’Learys. The O’Learys and their animals spend the winter as their supposed to; knitting, cooking, repairing garden tools, and coming up with a plan to make sure the groundhog doesn’t eat all of their vegetables in the coming spring. The groundhog spends his winter hibernating after being nice and full from eating the O’Leary’s vegetables. When spring arrives the O’Learys put their plan to keep the groundhog out of their garden in motion.

Practice this Comprehension Strategy-Retelling:
As you read A Garden for a Groundhog ask your child questions about what is happening. This will help to engage their interest in the story, and further their connection with the book. Once you have read through the book, ask your child to take a turn retelling the story to you. They will flip through the pages and use the pictures to give clues to what they are able to recall from the story. It is okay if they stray from the original story line!

Do this with your child:
The O’Learys do their best to stay busy as they wait for the arrival of spring. Talk with you children about what happens in springtime, the snow is melting, flowers are blooming, bees and butterflies are frolicking in the sunshine. Then go outside with your child to see if they can see any signs of springtime. Record your observations and if your child is interested, draw a picture of springtime.

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