FOR THE WEEKEND, share this fun summer time title with your child! 

Sand Sister is appropriate for children of all ages.

Paloma and her parents spend a magical day at the beach in Sand Sister written by Amanda White. When Paloma sees all of the other children playing with their siblings on the beach she draws herself a sister in the sand and makes a wish to have her very own sibling to play with. See how her wish is granted in this charming story of imagination and friendship.

Practice this Comprehension Strategy-Take a Picture Walk:
Before you read Sand Sister take a picture walk through the story and ask your child what they see on each page. Start by just asking about what is on the page, a family, rocks, the ocean, etc. You can then take that information further and ask what they think is happening and what will happen next. After you read the story see if any of their predictions were correct.

Do this with your child:
Sand Sister is a story fueled by a little girl’s imagination and play. Ask your child to draw a picture of something or someone that they would come to life and help them to write a short story of their own about this person or creature.  

If you’re interested in sharing Sand Sister with your child you can find it from Barefoot Books here. Please like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. For more from illustrator Yuyi Morales check out her website