FOR THE WEEKEND, share this fun school themed title with your child! 

The Cloud is appropriate for children of all ages.

The Cloud from author and illustrator Hannah Cumming is a wonderful and simple story about the power of friendship. A little girl never draws anything in art class, she sits by herself, looking at her paper, with a black cloud over her head. But one of her classmates is determined to befriend this little girl and make her smile. Follow along with the charming illustrations and simple text to see how one child’s attempt at inclusion turns into a class-wide epidemic. 

Practice this Comprehension Strategy-Making Connections:
The Cloud is a perfect story to open up a conversation about friendship and emotions as we enter the new school year. You can ask your child if they have ever felt like they have a black cloud over their head, and what happened to turn that cloud into a smile. Have they ever noticed a classmate or friend who is gloomy or upset? Talk about ways they can help make that child feel better, and ways to reach out and make new friends. By making these emotional connections to the text, your child will be able to further engage with the story and hopefully see themselves in the book.

Do this with your child:
Drawing is used to bring friends together in The Cloud. Work with your child to make a drawing together just like in the story. If you have multiple children, have them make a drawing or two together as well. Display these new creations proudly!

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