FOR THE WEEKEND, share this title with your child! 

Who’s in a Family? is appropriate for children of all ages.

Who’s in a Family? from author Robert Skutch and illustrator Laura Nienhaus is a beautiful book illustrating the many packages a family can come in. Parents, grandparent, aunts, uncles, siblings, pets, cousins – no matter what color, shape or size – every family is different. What this book ultimately details is that a family is made up of the people who love you most! 

Practice this Comprehension Strategy-Making Connections:
Who’s in a Family? is a perfect book for you and your child to make connections with. Are there any families in the story like your own? How are the families in the book the same as your own family? How are they different? Does your child have any classmates or friends with a different kind of family portrayed in the book? By furthering their involvement with the book, your child will become more engaged with the text and make deeper connections with the story.

Do this with your child:
After reading Who’s in a Family? talk with your child about all the types of families there are. Talk with your child about your own family and who makes your family up. Draw a picture with your child of all the wonderful people in your family.

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