Upcoming Webinars

March 22   Building Library Connections and the Power of the Blue Bag

Recorded Webinars

March 1   Engaging Families Through Literacy in Head Start/EHS 

Feb 23   Engaging Families Through Literacy with the Striving Readers Grant 

Feb 22   Funding Options 

Feb 16   Raising A Reader: Engaging Families Through Literacy

In this webinar, we will discuss the root cause of struggling readers, the reasons behind their lack of achievement despite interventions, and how using the Raising A Reader program can foster brain development and increase not only reading proficiency in children ages 0-8, but sustain lasting change that will remain throughout their lifetime. We will also discuss how RAR can help meet many local/state/federal/programmatic frameworks, become the bridge and hub for establishing literacy coalitions within a community, and the steps involved in bringing the program to your community/agency/school/organization.


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